Specializing in practical and cost-effective quality assurance programs and compliance solutions for the animal food industry.


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Compli is the Official Registrar for AFQA, Animal Food Quality Assurance Program. AFQA is a turnkey quality assurance program built specifically to help Ethanol Producers with Compliance to the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). To learn more about FSMA and to see how AFQA can help with compliance check out our AFQA website.

Compli has policies, programs, and procedures ready to be customized to meet your facility's needs; whether needing individual procedures, portions of programs, or full certification.

Compli has the following procedures ready to be customized for your animal food operations:

Current Good Manufacturing (cGMP) SOPs


Plant, Grounds, and Sanitation

Water Supply and Plumbing

Equipment and Utensils

Plant Operations

Mycotoxin Management

Holding and Distribution

Animal Food Safety Plan

Hazard Analysis and Risk Based Preventative Controls Plan

Recall Plan

Training Plan

Verification Policy

Reanalysis Policy

Record Keeping Policy

About Compli Associates

Compli Associates specializes in developing and managing practical and cost-effective compliance solutions. Compli's regulatory experience spans the fuel, feed, pharmaceutical, and medical fields, resulting in a unique and well-rounded perspective on regulatory compliance.


Compli also has extensive first-hand experience with animal food production, creating a distinctive combination of regulatory compliance and real-world production.


(605 ) 254-1077

P. O. Box 85252

Sioux Falls, SD 57118

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